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Chair of Saybrook Mind-Body Medicine School Publishes Book on Pathways to Illness, Pathways to Health

Pathways to Illness Book Cover


Dr. Donald Moss is chair of the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine. Moss and a co-author Angele McGrady recently published a book on the lifestyle factors that contribute to illness and the approaches that human beings can take to restore their health. The book, Pathways to Illness, Pathways to Health, was published by Springer in March 2013. The message of this new book is summarized here.

The face of illness has changed, and human beings are eager for new approaches to pursue health and wellness.  Increasing numbers of people seek out advice for health problems at the health food store, or visit Reiki energy healers, massage therapists, naturopaths, and other alternative medicine practitioners, instead of conventional medical care. 

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Meets American Distance Education


The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco is teaming up with Saybrook University’s distance learning model for Mind-Body Medicine.

This week Saybrook University’s graduate School of Mind-Body Medicine signed an agreement with the San Francisco based American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) to explore ways they can bring the best of 21st century western integrative health techniques to those studying traditional Chinese medicine – and bring the long-held wisdom of Chinese medicine to mainstream health practitioners.

The partnership will begin with a faculty member from ACTCM developing and teaching a course at Saybrook on “Whole Medical Systems” that includes the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will grow to include opportunities for students at each institution to take each other’s courses. Both institutions anticipate whole new degree offerings coming out of this partnership.

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School of Mind-Body Medicine Student Applies Mind-Body Approach with Major League Baseball Players and the Chronically Ill: Introducing Rowan Silverberg

Rowan Silverberg Conducts a Corporate Workshop on Well Lifestyles

Rowan Silverberg is a student in the master's program in Saybrook University's School of Mind-Body Medicine.  She has been working in the field of Mind-Body Medicine for over 20 years.  Since 2005, she has worked as a Mental Skills Coach for professional baseball players, teaching them how to leverage the mind-body connection, using meditation, breathing techniques, and yoga.   She is also employed by a Fortune 500 Company, as a massage/yoga therapist in an on-site holistic primary care center, where she has worked since 1991.  Patients she sees in the primary care center have a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, ranging from neck and back pain to rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and migraines.  In addition to her work in the clinic, she leads stress management presentations throughout the company and offers personal coaching.  

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Peter Amato, PhD Student in Saybrook University's School of Mind-Body Medicine, Operates Integrative Healing Centers in Pennsylvania and St. Maarten

Peter Amato in St. Maarten

Peter Amato operates two integrative wellness centers, both named Inner Harmony. The first is in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania and the second is on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. The Scranton center is situated on the campus of the Regional Hospital of Scranton (formerly Mercy Hospital).   Both centers provide holistic healthcare, based on a model of healing mind, body, and spirit.

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Jana Downum, PhD, Student in the Saybrook School of Mind-Body Medicine, Carries Mind-Body Learning into her Work with Head-Injured Population

Jana Downum in Biofeedback Office

Jana Downum is a PhD student in the School of Mind-Body Medicine, with a specialization in healthcare practice.  She is also a biofeedback therapist working for Pate Rehabilitation in Dallas, Texas. Her patients at Pate Rehabilitation typically present with traumatic brain injury, and she is able to help patients better manage their stress and pain, and improve their sleep.

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Saybrook University PhD Graduate in Mind-Body Medicine Addresses Work as a Spiritual Practice: Beth A. Haggett, PhD

Beth Haggett, PhD, at Zenger-Folkman

Beth A. Haggett completed her Ph.D. in Saybrook’s School of Mind-Body Medicine in January 2013, with a specialization in Health Care Systems.  She accepted a position as Director of Product Development for Zenger-Folkman, a well-respected company specializing in Strengths-Based Leadership. This was an unexpected career move that was both exciting and intimidating. Transitioning from a demanding but flexible research and study schedule to a 40 plus hour workweek with much less flexibility was a concern for her.

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Saybrook University Faculty Member Dr. Lisa Kelly Participates in Humanitarian Outreach to Dominican Republic

Dr. Lisa Kelly Collage of Photos

Lisa Kelly, PhD, is a Saybrook University graduate, a member of the Saybrook University faculty, and the Director of Instructional Excellence in the School of Mind-Body Medicine.  In November of 2012 Dr. Kelly returned to Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic ,to work with the children sponsored by the Dove Mission Youth Development Center (http://dovemissions.org/). This was Lisa’s sixth trip to work with the disenfranchised children of Puerto Plata.

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Physician and Saybrook Mind-Body Medicine Student Pete Buecker Creates Wellness Center

Dr. Pete Buecker

Dr. Pete Buecker initially became interested in mind-body medicine as a way to manage his own stress and health.  His interest led him to study Mindfulness Meditation and he completed an 8-day Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training retreat with Jon Kabat Zinn and Saki Santorelli from the University of Massachusetts.  While he found the course personally transformative and continues to practice mindfulness, he wanted to learn more.  His quest to learn more about the interface between the mind and the body to promote healing led him to consult the wise advice of Google.  The search terms mind-body medicine led Pete to the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and the professional training programs that the Center offers.  It was on the CMBM website where Pete began reading about the founder, Jim Gordon, MD, and his affiliation with Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine as founding Dean.  Pete was intrigued by the CMBM faculty profiles and the inspiring work people affiliated with the center are doing all over the world.

After researching the training programs offered through Saybrook School of Mind-Body Medicine, Pete initially enrolled to complete a Certificate in Mind-Body Medicine.&nbs

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MBM PhD Student Applies Hypnosis with Medical and Dental Patients

School of MBM PhD Student Lynne Shaner


From the time she was accepted into the Mind-Body Medicine PhD program, doors began to open a little wider for Lynne Shaner.  She is a mind-body medicine practitioner, working in private practice in Washington, DC.  She has a practice specializing in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or “tapping”), hypnosis, and Reiki.  Her participation in the Saybrook PhD program has deepened her knowledge of the areas she works in, and has opened up an entire range of mind-body skills and techniques, which she now uses regularly with clients.

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Saybrook University announces a fully accredited PhD program in Integrative Mental Health – the only program of its kind in the country.


This new doctoral degree program in Mind-Body Medicine for mental health professionals provides evidence-based training in techniques that hospitals and the public are demanding.

The public increasingly wants to know about all of its mental health care options: not just therapy and drugs, but hypnosis, biofeedback, spiritual practices, nutrition, and more.

Hospitals and clinics are increasingly advertising for mental health professionals who have these skills – but aren’t finding them. There simply isn’t an opportunity for practitioners to get these skills in a way that is rigorous, evidence-based, and accredited.

Saybrook, a fully accredited university which for forty years has had faculty in the vanguard of developing complementary medicine and integrative health care, is meeting this demand with the announcement of its new PhD program in Integrative Mental Health – the only program of its kind.

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