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MBM Master’s Student Builds Stress Management Website for Diabetics: Maureen Molinari, MS

Maureen Molinari, MS Graduate in College of Mind-Body Medicine
Maureen Molinari, MS Graduate in College of Mind-Body Medicine

For her final Master’s Project, Maureen Molinari researched how stress impacts people with diabetes both physiologically and psychologically, and then created a website providing videos and information for effective stress-management,  using yoga, guided imagery, and nutrition.  The website uses health-coaching, because she believes that a coaching model empowers people with diabetes to make meaningful lifestyle changes to improve their health and well-being.  Health coaching uses the clients’ vision of health and wellness to guide the coaching sessions, providing a supportive way to work with people.

Molinari chose yoga, guided imagery, and nutrition as the stress-management tools, because she personally loves and uses all three.  As a Registered Dietitian she appreciates the profound impact that nutrition has on physical and psychological health, yet understands that sometimes what people choose to eat is influenced by stress and many other factors.  The premise for creating this website is that when people don’t have control over the stress in their lives, it is difficult to engage in life enhancing self-care activities. 

Molinari has experienced the profound impact of a regular yoga on herself physically and psychologically, and is hoping to bring that healing to the people who access the new website.  The Imagery for Health class in Saybrook University’s College of Mind-Body Medicine was one of her favorite classes. She enjoyed reading scientific research on the impact of imagery, and appreciated the course’s emphasis on cultivating the creativity of the mind. 

Molinari’s vision for the diabetes self-care website is to give people practical skills and tools that they can access whenever they have an internet connection.  She plans to provide a range of videos, for example, guided imagery scripts for sleep or relaxation, yoga that can be done in an office chair, and a full range of cooking videos designed to encourage people to start preparing simple, delicious, and nutritious meals. 

In the course of her master’s degree studies, Maureen Molinari has deepened her understanding about how stress physiologically and psychologically impacts the body, and now also has a new appreciation for how challenging it is to design a website.  Creating the website and writing the master’s project deepened her professional knowledge of how impactful the mind is over personal choices, and impressed her with how important it is to engage in regular self-care activities as preventive medicine. 

Molinari is grateful for the guidance of Drs. Lisa Kelly and Sheila Dean, and acknowledges their efforts in helping her complete this master’s project.  

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This is wonderful! What is the name/address of the website? Thank you.

Posted by Darin Hyer (not verified) | 10/30/2012 @ 08:18 AM