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MBM Student Completes Master’s Project on Acupuncture and Biofeedback for Diabetes: Jennifer Leonard (Fall 2010 Cohort)


Diabetic patients in the United States are increasing in number every year. One often over looked influence on the diabetic condition is stress, whether it is emotional, mental, or physical. Literature published on the subject has brought to light the usefulness of stress management interventions, proving that they positively influence blood glucose levels.  Acupuncture and biofeedback relaxation techniques are among the interventions that have proven efficacious.

This master’s project designed a stress management protocol for future clinical practice. The protocol manages stress using acupuncture treatments and biofeedback relaxation training. With positive results from stress management, many diabetic patients could increase their self-efficacy in disease management, reduce stress, and prevent development or progression of complications such as neuropathy, kidney disease and loss of vision.

Jennifer’s master’s project consisted of a literature review and the development of the treatment protocol.  She hopes to test the protocol’s clinical effectiveness with a diabetic population in her doctoral dissertation at Saybrook University.   She has been accepted in the PhD program in mind-body medicine for Fall 2012.


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Congrats, Jennifer!

The more we learn about the negative effects of chronic stress, the more we learn it is directly connected to the epidemics that are plaguing the world. With work like yours, hopefully the news spreads, people become educated, and understand their lifestyle choices.





Posted by Biofeedback Fan (not verified) | 05/21/2012 @ 09:12 AM

Nice article, i agree that healthier lifestyle helping people with diabetes live longer. My mother has diabetes from 15 years and she can do her daily activity normally. One tips, beside take care of her foods or lifestyle, it’s important to take care of her mood/feelings..that’s true!:)

Posted by Diabetes Sugar Solutions (not verified) | 08/19/2012 @ 07:02 PM