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Peter Amato, PhD Student in Saybrook University's School of Mind-Body Medicine, Operates Integrative Healing Centers in Pennsylvania and St. Maarten

Peter Amato in St. Maarten
Peter Amato in St. Maarten

Peter Amato operates two integrative wellness centers, both named Inner Harmony. The first is in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania and the second is on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. The Scranton center is situated on the campus of the Regional Hospital of Scranton (formerly Mercy Hospital).   Both centers provide holistic healthcare, based on a model of healing mind, body, and spirit.

Peter Amato is ecstatic about earning his upcoming PhD from the Saybrook School of Mind-Body Medicine.  As he reflects upon his learning experience, he is extremely satisfied with the quality of the courses, professors, and mentors that have touched his life.  His education has offered a comprehensive overview of mind-body medicine, a deepened understanding of whole systems, and a broad knowledge base of leadership transformation and coaching.  He has enjoyed working in groups, being part of a cohort, and joining with peers and faculty at residential conferences.  The collective mind-body medicine learning has advanced his understanding and articulation of transpersonal dialogue, integral theory, and quantum physics.  The vast understanding of whole-person, whole care and what that means to each individual and society, has been paramount in his Saybrook learning process.  He believes that understanding the complexity of paradigms operating simultaneously through self, culture, and nature will help him in his plans to promote a transformation of healthcare.

Saybrook has enriched his gift of awareness, encouraged self-discipline and rigor, and supported his personal and collective healing vision.  His academic career has enhanced his creativity and trans-disciplinary understanding of various models of healthcare and individual healing modalities.  He has learned skills to communicate effectively, remaining mindful to sensitive issues, cultural nuances, and varying worldviews.  As the new integrative science rooted in quantum theory continues to emerge, Peter believes his influence beyond the Western scientific field can help enhance the current ontology and epistemology.

Saybrook University is a leader in the field in distance learning, providing common ground that maintains a unique sense of family and unity through many miles.  Peter thanks Saybrook for touching his life so deeply.

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