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Welcome to the New Nutrition MS Degree Program Director: Mary Beth Augustine, RDN, CDN

Director of MS Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, Mary Beth Augusti


The School of Mind-Body Medicine welcomes Mary Beth Augustine as the Director for the new MS Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition.  Ms. Augustine is Senior Integrative Nutritionist at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Center for Health & Healing, New York, where she has maintained a faculty practice and directed the Integrative Nutrition Intern and Observership Program since 2000. Previously she served as Integrative Medicine Nutritionist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and conducted cardiovascular risk reduction research at the American Health Foundation.

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Mind-Body Medicine Graduate Beth Haggett to Provide Coaching Curriculum to the Veteran’s Administration in Kansas

Beth Haggett, LCSW, PhD

Beth Haggett, LCSW, PhD, was the first individual to earn a PhD degree in mind-body medicine from the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine.  Beth works as a consultant, trainer, facilitator, and coach to corporations, as well as a counselor to individuals and groups. She developed a focused coaching curriculum about 15 years ago to address a need she saw when she was working as a consultant in the customer support industry, called Coaching Skills for Knowledge Centered Support. Over the years it has gained a following and is now considered “Best Practices” by The Consortium for Service Innovation and is licensed by several consulting companies including HDI, and DBK and Associates and has been recently expanded to address Quality Support in general. She recently landed a contract to deliver the course to the Veteran’s Administration in Topeka Kansas. She partnered with The Consortium to create a KCS Coach Certification Program as well, which has become a recognized industry standard.

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Mind-Body Medicine Doctoral Student Grows her Practicum Placement into a new Position Coordinating "Cancer Survivorship Program"

Francinne Lawrence, Doctoral Student in School of Mind-Body Medicine

Doctoral students in Saybrook's School of Mind-Body Medicine complete a Practicum placement.  For students with clinical aspirations, this is typically a clinical practicum in health or mental health care, for others it can be a research practicum or a practicum in health care administration or consultancy.  Francinne Lawrence is a PhD student in health care systems, and her practicum experience has evolved into a career-level position.

Mary Bird Perkins (MBP) Cancer Treatment Center is recognized as a leading cancer treatment facility in Louisiana and is associated with Our Lady of the Lake (OLOL) Hospital and the Louisiana State University Health System.  Having had a previous career in hospital chaplaincy and medical social work, Francinne wanted to be a change agent for healthcare systems, instead of working with one patient at a time. She chose to follow Saybrook's healthcare systems track in Mind-Body Medicine..

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New Saybrook University Master’s Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition to Commence January 2015

MS Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Saybrook University this week announced that its new master's degree in nutrition will open in January 2015.  The MS in Integrative and Functional Nutrition is pending accreditation from WASC, a regional accrediting body recognized by the U. S. Department of Education

Join the vanguard of healthcare professionals offering patients new and more effective forms of self-care and health management.  Study in our nutrition graduate program to become a patient-centered healthcare provider who combines a rigorous scientific understanding of nutrition and whole-body health with proven techniques that support the mind and spirit as well.

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Mind-Body Medicine PhD Student Uses Photography to Express Human Consciousness, Connection, and Transparency

Joshuah Hendrickson and an Image from his "Movement" Series


Joshua Hendrickson is a doctoral student in the “Integrative Mental Health” specialization in Saybrook’s School of Mind-Body Medicine.  Josh spent his youth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan surrounded by a family of teachers, social workers, nurses, and artists.  Growing up with a family of artists taught him to appreciate the arts, a tradition he is carrying on in his unique manner.  During his youth he spent time with an Aunt at her art gallery, watched his Uncle direct an orchestra, or enjoyed his grandmother sharing her love of photography.  Josh is using photography as his medium to explore the evolution of human consciousness.

Josh is blending photography with what he has learned as a social worker to explore the deeper levels of human connection and transparency through three series in a comprehensive artistic project. The name of the first series is “Transparency Ice Emotion,” a photography project shot in black and white.

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Bay Area Ayurvedic Physician Teaches Balance in Diet, Activity and Emotional Life to Saybrook University Students

Dr. Anapoori Ramasubramanian joins Mind-Body Medicine Faculty

Annapoori (Anu) Ramasubramanian is an new faculty member at the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine and is sharing her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine in the MBM course Whole Medical Systems: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. A whole medical system is a traditional body of theory and practices on health and disease, which has evolved independently from Western Allopathic medicine.  Whole medical systems, such as the Ayurvedic medicine of India, often offer a rich array of therapies based on herbs, lifestyle practices, and an emphasis on treating the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit.


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Schoolo of Mind-Body Medicine Admissions Counselor, Shohreh Seirafi, Shares her Persian Heritage

Persian Fire Ceremony March 2014 in Bay Area


Shohreh Seirafi is the Senior Admissions Counselor for the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine, as well as for the School of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry Human Science program.

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Firsts and Forgiveness in the Life of Mind-Body Medicine Doctoral Student, Deborah Gray

Deborah Gray conducts workshop with Dr. Luskin on Forgiveness


A few weeks ago, in discussion with a friend, Saybrook School of Mind-Body Medicine doctoral student Deborah Gray found herself bemoaning the idea of aging.  She explained that she is not afraid or saddened by death but instead is grieving the loss of youth.  In the process of explaining her sadness, Deb realized what grieves her most is the loss of firsts.  “The first day of school, the first date, the first marriage, the first baby, etc.”   Deb further explained that, “As always, life has a way of challenging my beliefs.”          

Last week Deb had a wonderful opportunity to realize that her worries were for naught.  She was blessed with the opportunity for a number of new firsts; visiting Inuvik, Canada in the Arctic Circle, being a co-presenter with Dr. Fred Luskin, Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, tasting caribou stew, flying Canadian North Airlines (tagline, “Seriously North”).  Lastly, she got her first marriage proposal from a homeless man while visiting the local homeless shelter in Inuvik.

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Dr. Beverly Rubik, Biophysicist, Energy Medicine Specialist, and Saybrook Faculty Member Presents Research Results on Human Blood at Nutrition Conference in the United Kingdom

Dr. Beverly Rubik Lecturing at Surrey, United Kingdom

The Weston A. Price Foundation held a European Conference from the 8th to 9th of February 2014 at Esher in Surrey, United Kingdom. This event was accredited by The Naturopathic Nutrition Association*, the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP), and the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). This two day conference had a range of speakers from all over the world; from Kings College London to Saybrook University.   School of Mind-Body Medicine doctoral student Yasmin Headley attended the conference, and reports here on a presentation by Saybrook University instructor Beverly Rubik.

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Saybrook University announces cutting edge master’s degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition


We are what we eat, so it’s a big problem that Americans have a dysfunctional relationship with food.

But just telling people to “eat right” or “count calories” doesn’t work.  We know it, and our doctors have discovered it.  Yo-yo diets and food fads are even worse.

We need new approaches to nutrition, ways to integrate healthy habits and effective self-care into people’s lives, and do it in ways they’ll find personally meaningful.

That’s why Saybrook University’s School of Mind-Body Medicine is proud to announce a new MS degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition – a degree focusing on the ways we can combine the best in nutritional science and psychology to help people take control of their health by improving their relationship with food.

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