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Mind-Body Medicine Graduate Beth Haggett to Provide Coaching Curriculum to the Veteran’s Administration in Kansas

Beth Haggett, LCSW, PhD
Beth Haggett, LCSW, PhD

Beth Haggett, LCSW, PhD, was the first individual to earn a PhD degree in mind-body medicine from the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine.  Beth works as a consultant, trainer, facilitator, and coach to corporations, as well as a counselor to individuals and groups. She developed a focused coaching curriculum about 15 years ago to address a need she saw when she was working as a consultant in the customer support industry, called Coaching Skills for Knowledge Centered Support. Over the years it has gained a following and is now considered “Best Practices” by The Consortium for Service Innovation and is licensed by several consulting companies including HDI, and DBK and Associates and has been recently expanded to address Quality Support in general. She recently landed a contract to deliver the course to the Veteran’s Administration in Topeka Kansas. She partnered with The Consortium to create a KCS Coach Certification Program as well, which has become a recognized industry standard.

In addition to her work in the Coaching arena, Beth recently presented a workshop called: Mind-Body Medicine to Address the Trauma of Sexual Abuse, for the Children’s Justice Center Annual 2014 Summit. She will be presenting a similar workshop in June on A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ameliorating the Trauma of Sexual Abuse at a Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference, which has attracted over 600 attendees from 19 states and is being held in Ogden, Utah at Weber State University.

Beth works as an Integrative Psychotherapist at an Integrative Medical Clinic in Midway, Utah. She uses modalities which include hypnosis, guided-imagery, psychoneurobiology, meridian tapping techniques, Bach Flower Remedies, and other complementary therapies, in addition to more traditional therapeutic techniques.


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