Saybrook Offers New School in Organizational Leadership and Transformation

There are lots of places someone can go to get a degree in the way business has always been done, and organizations have always been led.

But now Saybrook University’s offering a whole new kind of curriculum: its School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation is dedicated to developing leaders and change agents for the 21st century.

We can do better than we have in the past. Organizations can be led and managed with meaning, purpose, and integrity.

“The traditional educational model of book learning is inadequate to meet today’s needs,” said school co-chair Jeff McAulliffe. “Our unique programs provide the theory and practice required for you to be successful and make the impact our organizations and communities need.”

Co-chair Nancy Southern agreed. “Our challenges today are systemic challenges. They exist in healthcare, business, education, and communities. And research has shown that very few leaders have the knowledge and skills to meet those challenges. But it’s what we teach.”

The School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation offers:

  • An MA in Organizational Systems
  • A LIOS MA in Organizational Systems, specializing in Leadership and Organization Development
  • An MA in Organizational Systems, Specializing in Leadership of Sustainable Systems 
  • A PhD in Organizational Systems 
  • A PhD in Organizational Systems specializing in Leadership of Sustainable Systems.

All programs are designed for working professionals, and offer cutting-edge theory and research folded into a curriculum that you don’t just sit through – you experience and apply everything you learn in real-time situations.

For more information about how to take your life’s work to the next level please visit our website.

Posted at 02:56 PM

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