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Rigor, diligence and discipline built Saybrook University; rigor, diligence, discipline and generosity will secure the future of humanistic education. Saybrook calls upon every member of our extended family to stand together and give generously to Saybrook this spring. Support from our community will expand opportunities for exceptional faculty and students to engage in important research and practice that moves us toward a just and sustainable world.

Please make a gift of $50, $100 or $1000 to Saybrook today by clicking on DONATE on our website or by sending your check, payable to Saybrook University to either:

Sigrid Badinelli
Saybrook University
747 Front Street
San Francisco, CA 9411

Connie Shulman
Saybrook University
4010 Lake Washington Blvd NE, Ste 300
Kirkland, WA 98033

You can designate your gift to general support for areas of greatest need, to scholarships for students or to a specific school or program.

Thanks to Saybrook, our lives, our society, and our world have been uplifted and enriched. Thanks to this community, so much has been achieved already.

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