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Stanley Krippner
Stanley Krippner

As treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) becomes an increasingly pressing concern, both for our returning soldiers and for the society they’re returning too, researchers are questioning everything we think we know about the condition.

Is it a disease?  How is it caused?  How do we cure it?

One of Saybrook’s most renowned scholars, Dr. Stanley Krippner, is a leading figure addressing these issues.

Krippner is the author, along with Daryl Paulson, of Haunted by Combat, a guide to the experience and treatment of war trauma that that synthesizes current research on PTSD (PsyCritiques called its list of references “valuable” and “extensive”), while offering challenging questions about PTSD as a lived experience.  It’s increasingly difficult, for example, to tell just who is a “combatant” in the wars we fight, while the existential condition of those suffering from PTSD may also offer guides to more effective treatment.

In 2012 Krippner also authored, along with Saybrook graduate Daniel B. Pitchford, of the “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” edition of the “Biographies of Disease” series – a collection of volumes written by leading researchers, each one of which tells the “life story” of a particular disease, tracing the history of its diagnoses and treatments.

Combining case studies of the past with the most cutting edge research, qualitative and quantitative research works like these place Saybrook scholars like Krippner and Pitchford on the front lines of research and treatment for our returning soldiers.

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