Veterans Day Newsletter: supporting soldiers who come home

We live in a culture of artificial tranquility, where it is all too easy for citizens of the United States to forget that we are a nation at war, with soldiers in active combat missions around the world.  Pay no attention, we are told, and go shopping.

I am proud of the way the Saybrook community has not accepted this false comfort.  A tremendous number of our students, alumni, and faculty have instead devoted themselves to supporting the men and women who sacrifice in our name as they return from war.

They have founded non-profits to provide assistance to returning veterans, developed new physical therapies for the wounded, and written some of the leading examinations of PTSD and its treatments. 

Saybrook is also tapping their expertise to offer a new certificate program in healing complex trauma, a program we hope will improve treatment options and outcomes.  The need is great, but Saybrook is stepping up to do our part.

In this issue of our newsletter, you'll see how  we're:

I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

Mark Schulman
President, Saybrook University


Posted at 11:02 PM

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