Veterans Day Newsletter: Welcoming Warriors Home

Since 2006, the Coming Home Project has been a lifeline for veterans from all walks of life.

A non-profit devoted to providing expert care, support, and education for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, along with their families and care providers, the Coming Home Project’s nationally recognized, evidence-based, programs address the injuries and challenges experienced during all stages of employment – especially reintegration with family, friends, and ordinary life.

All the services it offers are free, and of course it was founded by a Saybrook graduate.

A licensed psychologist and Zen Roshi, Joseph Bobrow earned his degree in psychology from Saybrook in 1980  The founder of the Deep Streams Zen Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the co-translator for Thich Nhat Hanh’s Guide to Walking Meditation, Bobrow expanded his work to include the support of veterans – and now leads a nationally recognized practice.

The Coming Home Project’s work is based on the premise that returning veterans need connection on multiple levels.  It sees its work as providing connections at:

  • The individual level - building connections among mind, body, and spirit and among thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, choices, and actions.
  • The family level - bringing family members together and restoring relationships.
  • The peer level - helping vets connect and stay connected with other veterans, families with other families, and service providers with other service providers.
  • The community level - building mutual understanding, respect and support among veterans, families, and the wider community.
  • The organizational level - bringing services, ideas, organizations and people together.

It’s this kind of work, focused far more on the human experience of veterans and their supporters than on prescription drugs or policy platitudes, that Saybrook is proud to teach and support.

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