The Future of Existential Psychology - a new series - starts Thursday!


Existential psychology is enjoying a renaissance in China and parts of Europe, while an increasing number of studies show that its techniques and approaches are as or more effective than drug treatments in many cases.  

But pharmaceutical companies have billions of dollars to pour into marketing campaigns, and insurance companies don't like to support therapeutic treatment that focuses on individual outcomes.  While a recent review in the American Psychological Association's website suggested that existential therapies are at the heart of any effective therapy, academic psychology programs remain stubbornly focused on cognitive behavioral treatment, neuro-psychology, and psychopharmacology.

In this environment, what is the future for Existential psychology?  How do its practitioners make their mark in a culture that values quick fixes?  

The New Existentialists, a leading movement in existential psychology out of Saybrook University, will be addressing these questions every Thursday with a new special series:  "The Future of Existential Psychology."  

Each week a new voice ranging from luminaries in the field to new voices trying to set up a practice or complete their education will weigh in on this question:  where are we going, and how do we get there?

Look for it each Thursday, beginning Jan. 31, in The New Existentialists.

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