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Why one psychologist took clinical hypnosis to ‘heart’

Dr. Flavio Epstein, a heart failure/transplant psychologist, wasn’t quite sure what results would come from being a first-time attendee at the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) Annual Scientific Meeting & Workshop. He was pleasantly surprised to get clinical hypnosis experience, a warm welcome from other medical professionals, and new ideas to help heart transplant… Read more »

‘Visions of Warriors’ brings attention to ongoing PTSD concerns for veterans

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reportedly affects approximately 7.7 million American adults, with members of the military as one of the high-risk groups. After experiencing severe trauma or life-threatening events, the mind and body will either go into mobilization mode (fight-or-flight) or immobilization. When the nervous system is unable to return to its normal state of… Read more »

Saybrook Professor Announces New Scholarship with Ernest Becker Foundation

Saybrook University faculty member Louis Hoffman, Ph.D., recently announced that the Ernest Becker Foundation of Seattle, Washington, has agreed to offer a $1000 scholarship each year for the continuing Saybrook student who writes the best research paper using the work and research of Dr. Ernest Becker. Dr. Hoffman, who directs the Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal… Read more »

Reflections on “The Butterfly Effect: The Art and Performance of Social Transformation”

The Lennon King Wall, part of The Butterfly Effect event On January 25, 2015, at Saybrook’s Spring Residential Conference for the Schools of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Clinical Psychology, and Organizational Leadership and Transformation, students and faculty put on a community-wide event, “The Butterfly Effect: The Art and Performance of Social Transformation.” Click here for… Read more »

Faculty Spotlight: Richard A. Sherman

Richard A. Sherman received his doctorate in psychobiology from New York University in 1973. He has more than forty years of experience teaching and performing research and clinical work in behavioral medicine and related fields. Dr. Sherman is an award-winning teacher and has taught courses at virtually all levels of adult education, including numerous undergraduate,… Read more »

Message from the Chair of the School

The Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32 of the APA) was hosted by Sofia University in Palo Alto, March 13th-16th.  Of the nearly 200 participants, a significant number were Saybrook CP Faculty, Alumni, and students from the PsyD, PhD and MFT-PCC Programs.  Faculty Member Carol Humphreys, PhD, served as Co-Chair of… Read more »

Faculty and Student Presentations and Achievements

PhD faculty Orah Krug and Kirk Schneider presented a workshop in E-H Therapy last month at the Division 32 Conference experiential training course as part of the existential humanistic institute certificate program. PhD Psychology student, Juanita Ratner shares her essay on the program in the EHTP Newsletter.

Alumni Spotlight: Kirk Schneider

Some Thoughts on an Integrative Humanistic Psychology Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D. From AHP Perspective June/July 2005, p. 8 Humanistic psychology needs to move toward serious cultural and professional integration. By this I mean that in order for humanistic psychology to survive, let alone thrive, it needs to be much more proactive. It needs to reach… Read more »

Faculty Spotlight: Louis Hoffman, PhD

Saybrook faculty member Dr. Louis Hoffman is a widely recognized luminary in the field of existential psychology.  The author/editor of five books (including Existential Psychology East-West, Brilliant Sanity: Buddhist Approaches to Psychotherapy, and Spirituality and Psychological Health), he also contributed chapters to many volumes, including Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy: Guideposts to the Core of Practice, Whole Person… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Morrice Apprey

Morrice Apprey Saybrook Psychology PhD student Morrice Apprey interns at Region Ten Community Services Board in Charlottesburg, Virginia. He takes delight in supporting people’s well-being and building on the work done by his father, psychoanalyst and Saybrook alumnus Maurice Apprey. Morrice is confident Saybrook is training him to connect directly with each client. “I’ll be… Read more »