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Saybrook scholars – faculty, alumni, and students – to shine at the upcoming Society for Humanistic Psychology conference


Saybrook University was established by the founders of Humanistic Psychology as a way to carry their work into higher education.  It’s had legendary scholars in the field like Rollo May, Abraham Maslow, and Eleanor Criswell on its faculty.

So it’s no surprise that it has long been an established leader in the APA Division for Humanistic psychology.  Man of the division’s officers and presidents have been Saybrook faculty and alums.

Saybrook is poised to prove itself again this year, at the Society for Humanistic Psychology’s annual conference, held this year in Palo Alto, California, from March 13 - 16.  Many of the most exciting presentations will be led by members of the Saybrook community.

These include:

The application of humanistic principles in an urban medical setting:  not for the faint of heart – Theopia Jackson

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