Saybrook scholars – faculty, alumni, and students – to shine at the upcoming Society for Humanistic Psychology conference

Saybrook University was established by the founders of Humanistic Psychology as a way to carry their work into higher education.  It’s had legendary scholars in the field like Rollo May, Abraham Maslow, and Eleanor Criswell on its faculty.

So it’s no surprise that it has long been an established leader in the APA Division for Humanistic psychology.  Man of the division’s officers and presidents have been Saybrook faculty and alums.

Saybrook is poised to prove itself again this year, at the Society for Humanistic Psychology’s annual conference, held this year in Palo Alto, California, from March 13 - 16.  Many of the most exciting presentations will be led by members of the Saybrook community.

These include:

The application of humanistic principles in an urban medical setting:  not for the faint of heart – Theopia Jackson

Social Justice, human dignity, and mental illness:  An existential psychological perspective informed by personalist ethics – Harris Friedman, Brent Dean Robbins

The New Existentialists:  Re-visioning our being-in-the-world – Sarah Kass, Louis Hoffman, Steve Fehl, Candice Hershman

Romanticism and scientism:  Reconciling humanistic and positive psychology – Harris Friedman

The phenomenological psychology of surviving a collapse:  The firefighter's lived experience of self-rescue – Rodger Broome

The Implications of Slavery on Microaggressions:  A Modern Day Slavery – Nathaniel Granger, Jr.

The polarized mind:  An existential-social activist dialog – Kirk Schneider, Theopia Jackson, Benjamin Tong, Rhonda Magee, Louis Hoffman

The art and science of embodiment – Ilene Serlin, Sarah Kass, Candice Hershman, Eleanor Criswell, Patrick Faggianelli

Choosing dignity:  Humanistic practice with high risk client populations – Carol Humphreys, Natalie Caron, Michelle Martin, Deborah Merchant

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI):  Transcending Tragedy – Elva Hoxie

Psychedelic healing:  Furthering human dignity and humanistic values – Harris Friedman, Alicia Danforth, Frank Echenhofer, Jim Fadiman, Stanley Krippner, Phil Wolfson

Embodiment and Dignity:  Somatics and trauma recovery – Eleanor Crisswell

Masculinity in sports – Trish Nash, Lisa Vallejos

Sex in humanistic psychology and psychotherapy:  A community roundtable and discussion – Shawn Rubin, Louis Hoffman, Heatherlynn Hoffman, Kristopher Lichtanski, Veronica Valdivia

Human dignity:  Through the eyes of culture, poetry and time – Tom Greening, Constance Kellogg

The creative artist, mental disturbance, and mental health:  A case study approach – Elliot Benjamin

When technology outpaces ethics:  Blade Runner and the superhuman dilemma - Richard Bargdill, Candice Hershman

The search for inner awareness and the possibility of living a fuller existence and experiencing awe based on the writings of James Bugental, Rollo May, and Kirk Schneider – Robert Buonfiglio

New horizons in existential-humanistic therapy:  Personal, intersonal, and cosmological – Kirk Schneider, Orah Krug

How does the therapy profession disrespect clients' dignity:  Who really makes therapy work? – Art Bohart

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