Student Spotlight: Morrice Apprey

Morrice Apprey

Saybrook Psychology PhD student Morrice Apprey interns at Region Ten Community Services Board in Charlottesburg, Virginia. He takes delight in supporting people’s well-being and building on the work done by his father, psychoanalyst and Saybrook alumnus Maurice Apprey.

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Student Spotlight: Sorojini Abass, PsyD program

Sorojini Abass

The life of a clinical psychology student can be tough.  Heavy course loads, licensing requirements, and client engagements can take a toll. And then if you’re a working parent?

When Saybrook PsyD student and mother Sorojini Abass experienced adversity and financial restraint, she didn’t falter – and she came out on top.  She’s now interning at the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

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Faculty Spotlight: Louis Hoffman, PhD


Saybrook faculty member Dr. Louis Hoffman is a widely recognized luminary in the field of existential psychology.  The author/editor of five books (including Existential Psychology East-West, Brilliant Sanity: Buddhist Approaches to Psychotherapy, and Spirituality and Psychological Health), he also contributed chapters to many volumes, including Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy: Guideposts to the Core of Practice, Whole Person Healthcare, and Explaining Evil. He serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and PsycCRITIQUES. Additionally, he is the recent past-president of the Society of Humanistic Psychology (Division 32) of the American Psychological Association.

For those who are interested in taking a humanistic approach to psychology, studying people as people rather than as neurochemicals, reflexes, and synapses, Hoffman says there’s probably no better place than Saybrook.

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Hear Louis Hoffman Discuss the DSM-5 on San Francisco Public Radio


Saybrook psychology faculty member Dr. Louis Hoffman will discuss the controversy surrounding the "Bible of Psychiatry" - the DSM-5 - on KALW's public affairs program "City Visions" this Monday at 7 p.m..

Hosted by Joseph Pace, the program will ask whether the DSM-5 is a flawed but necessary document - or whether it's time for it to go.  

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Saybrook Faculty, Students Present More than 20 Workshops, Papers, Posters, at APA Convention


The 121st American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention was held July 31st to Aug. 4, at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. Saybrook University was well represented at the convention, which included more than 800 sessions covering the entire field of psychology. Some of the highlights from the Saybrook presenters included:

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Saybrook Alum Publishes Expose on DMS-5 Revisions

Gary Greenberb

Members of Saybrook University’s faculty and staff have not hidden their dissatisfaction with the changes to the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5), which was published in May. Saybrook’s President, Mark Schulman, challenged the association’s updates in a piece in the Huffington Post, reading in part:

“This is madness. Millions of people who are perfectly healthy, who are not sick but are looking for help, will be forcibly turned into customers for the pharmaceutical industry. Most patients come to therapy not because they have neural chemical imbalances, but because they are grappling with fundamental questions: how do I live a meaningful life in a challenging world? How do I live with integrity? How do I repair my relationships? How do I live in harmony with my environment? Am I alone? What does my life mean?”

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Listen to Kirck Schneider discuss "The Polarized Mind" on KQED!


Saybrook faculty member Kirk Schneider recently appeared on KQED radio to discuss his new book "The Polarized Mind," and talk up some of the latest findings in existential-humanistic psychology.  

With host Michael Krasny, Scheider explores topics ranging from a better approach to political problem solving to how to raise children who are inspired, rather than frightened, by life.  

Click here to listen!

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Saybrook Offers Certificate in Multicultural Psychology


Everyone in the world now has access to unparalleled communication technology: but do we know how to talk to each other?

Welcome to the new Tower of Babel. Peace and prosperity depends upon businessmen in urban China knowing how to talk to software designers in Russia, and Muslim police officers in Michigan. Texas oil workers need to understand what they’re hearing when a Brazilian trade delegation meets with the American Chamber of Commerce, and monks in Burma need to communicate effectively with the World Health Organization.

The extraordinary diversity of the world is both a strength and a challenge: we have more to offer each other … if we can understand each other. But that’s harder than ever.

Now Saybrook University, the leading center for scholarship in Humanistic Psychology for the last 40 years, is rising to the challenge. Its School of Clinical Psychology has just announced it will be offering Certificate in Multicultural Psychology.

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Saybrook Offers Certificate in Healing Complex Trauma


The suffering related to traumatic stress has reached epidemic proportions.

Perhaps that’s not surprising given the levels of international disaster, displacement, war, and terrorism we live with. A recent magazine article posited that we live in “The Age of Trauma,” noting that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder rates are rising precipitously. Suicide rates are spiking as well.

Mental health practitioners need to keep up with the new levels, and new kinds, of trauma that we’re seeing all around us. That’s why Saybrook University is now offering a certificate program in Complex Trauma and the Healing Process.

Provided by the School of Clinical Psychology, the Trauma Certificate program provides a whole-person, context sensitive, training to students and professionals from across the globe while addressing the rising demand for specialized skills to deal with the mental health issues that result from complex trauma.

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Theopia Jackson Receives CoachArt's 2013 “Courage and Hope Award”

Theopia Jackson

Theopia Jackson, a former Dean of Students and senior faculty member in Saybrook University’s School of Clinical Psychology, has been honored by CoachArt: a non‐profit organization offering free lessons in the arts and athletics to chronically ill children and their siblings.

Jackson is the organization’s 2013 “Courage and Hope Award” Recipient. She received it for her work connecting CoachArt to the Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, where she is a licensed clinical psychologist. Thanks to those efforts, CoachArt – previously a Los Angeles based organization – is now serving chronically ill youth in Oakland and beyond.

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