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Synchronized Passions - Saybrook Student Profile of Veronica Lac

Veronica Lac (l) steadies client on horse during session.

Veronica Lac is a United Kingdom-licensed psychotherapist who specializes in Gestalt psychotherapy, but her journey with Saybrook University has been much more than Ph.D. coursework in psychology.  It has been the merging of passions that most people would not first combine in thought:  existential-humanistic psychotherapy and horses.

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Saybrook Students Find Community and Inspiration on the Other Side of the World

Saybrook Students Kristen Beau Howard, Anne Hsu, Monica Mansilla, and Jenna Noah

Four current Saybrook psychology students accompanied faculty members Louis Hoffman, Ph.D. and Mark Yang, Psy.D., on a week-long trip to China in late April where they helped the faculty members to teach psychology students from all over that country. Kristen Beau Howard, Anne Hsu, Monica Mansilla, and Jenna Noah all made the long trip then shared a conference call interview in May to relate their experiences.

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Making Our Mark: New Visual Identity Connects Saybrook’s Holistic Legacy With a Clear Path Forward


A new chapter awaits. Saybrook University is about to undergo a transformation that embraces our humanistic legacy with a bold vision for the future. Working with our Marketing Department at TCS Education System (TCS Ed System), we collaborated on a new visual identity that embraces our core mission, values, and personality. Starting this month, we will begin a gradual rollout of this new visual identity on our current website, Student Gateway, and other materials, culminating with the launch of a new website in Spring 2016.

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Saybrook Announces Long-Term Contract with New Hotel for Residential Conferences

Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, California

Robert Schley, Saybrook’s Conference Director, confirms that contracts have now been signed with the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa in Monterey, California, for the residential conferences starting in January 2017 through August 2019. All of Saybrook’s residential conferences, along with the annual graduation ceremony, will then take place at the Hyatt. The conferences will continue to be held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters each year, in August and January, and will also include the Residential Orientations for new students.

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Combatting Terrorism Starts in School: Saybrook Professor's research finds that devout and secular Muslim teanagers both want to live in a pluralistic world


After the tragic “Charlie Hebdo” shootings in France, people across the world are wondering whether societies can peacefully live with devoutly religious minorities in their midst.

Dr. Benina Gould has been studying just that question for the last several years, recently conducting studies of Internet use among teenagers at conservative Muslim schools in Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world.  Also surveyed were the attitudes towards religious diversity among high schoolers in America, Pakistan, and Germany.

Despite tragic cases of terrorism, the good news is the studies showed that the majority of Muslim students, even the most devout ones, want a pluralistic society.  And, although there is no easy answer to combat terrorism, Dr. Gould strongly believes that increased education and awareness, and spreading these encouraging findings can make a difference.  While horrific acts of violence can easily command our attention, the data clearly shows that they are not representative of an entirely population. That’s why her research, which examines the stereotype that 'madrassas' are the breeding grounds of fundamentalism, is of great significance.

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Deadline for 2015 Rollo May Scholarship announced


Saybrook is proud to announce the application information for the upcomming 2015 Rollo May Scholarship award, a $5000 scholarship provided through the generosity of university donors.

The Rollo May scholarship is given to a Saybrook student whose graduate work explicitly applies and extends the existential-humanistic contributions of Rollo May.  Such student work may include scholarship in the areas of personality theory, psychotherapy, art and literature, cultural criticism, existential encounters, or other topics which the student clearly connects to the Rollo May tradition.

All Saybrook students are encouraged to apply.  The application deadline is January 31, 2015.

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The modern world offers great challenges, and great opportunities, for Humanistic thought


Members of the Saybrook community:

There’s no question that the period of my Saybrook presidency was marked by a number of changes.  It was a period of transition.

There was a time when that was unusual.  In the 21st century, that’s business as usual.  While many of the changes we made together were deliberate and, I believe, wise, there’s no question that organizations like ours are now constantly changing because we live in a constantly changing world.

For this, my last missive to you as Saybrook’s president, I would like to offer a few thoughts about what this means for our intellectual tradition and our mission as an educational institution.

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Take Saybrook University courses - on Facebook


If you take a class in “Project X” here’s what you won’t have to do:  buy textbooks, drive to class, or sit through a lecture.

Here’s what you will have to do:  conduct a conversation, over Facebook, with a leading scholar about a subject in his field that’s keeping him up at night, and then work with your fellow students to advance our understanding of the issue.

It’s a whole new approach to graduate education – and all you need to participate is an internet connection.

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An Interview with Incomming Saybrook President Nathan Long


Saybrook’s incoming president Nathan Long has worn a number of academic hats in his career:  as both President and Chief Academic Officer of The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences (where he emphasized a humanities based curriculum);  as a professor of liberal arts; and an adjunct faculty member.  While in graduate school he was a residence coordinator, and the president of the Graduate Student Governance Association at the University of Cincinnati.  

His academic work has focused on the history and sociology of education, with a particular emphasis on peace and urban education.  Prior to those studies, he was a music major and trained trombonist.  

Dr. Long officially begins his tenure on Sept. 1.  He sat down with The Saybrook Forum to discuss his passion for Saybrook, humanistic education, and his vision for our future.  Follow him on Twitter @PresidentLong

SAYBROOK FORUM (SF):  What were your first impressions of the Saybrook Community?

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We've moved!


Saybrook University is proud to announce that it has moved across the San Francisco Bay, establishing its new headquarters in Oakland, Caifornia, a city of art, activism, and abiding concern for social justice.

While long headquartered in San Francisco, and identifying itself with the city’s counter-culture, the tech boom of the last few years has significantly changed both San Francisco’s economy and culture.  Saybrook officials determined, during review of the University’s lease, that significant funding could be saved by moving into what they saw as a superior space in Oakland – while Oakland’s culture was in many ways more in tune with a university that believes that developing and investing in people is more vital than pursuing the next technology.

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