APA article on Existential-Humanistic psychology prominently features Saybrook faculty, alumni, and students

"Searching for Meaning" is the first article in the flagship publication of the American Psychological Association to specifically examine Existential-Humanistic Psychology -- and it features interviews with Saybrook faculty Kirk Schneider and Orah Krug, along with the published work of PhD student Elliot Benjamin.

It also clearly illustrates why Existential and Humanistic psychology are returning to prominence: treating the symptoms of depression, malaise, and insecurity are often not enough. A healthy life involves the search for meaning and purpose -- something medically oriented psychology cannot provide.

As the intellectual home of Existential-Humanistic psychology since its inception (the article mentions that it was founded in large part by Rollo May and Abraham Maslow -- both of whom taught at Saybrook at its founding), Saybrook is proud to be part of this crucial recognition of why it matters that psychologists be able to work with their patients as people, and not just lists of symptoms.

Faculty member Kirk Schneider has written a brief comment on the APA article on The New Existentialists, where the APA Monitor article is also available as a PDF.

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