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Members of the Saybrook faculty have had an incredibly busy semester, making scholarly contributions around the world.  Here’s a partial list of their activities.

In a major publication, Saybrook psychology alumnus and faculty member Kirk Schneider co-edited The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology:  Theory, research, and practice (Sage Publicasions).  Even more impressive, over half the chapters are written by Saybrook faculty or alums.  These include:


  • Louis Hoffman et. all:  Humanistic psychology and multiculturalism: History, current status, and advancements
  • Louis Hoffman et. all:  Toward a sustainable myth of self: An existential response to the postmodern condition.
  • Amedeo Giorgi:  The search for psyche: A human science perspective.
  • Tom Greening:  Becoming authentic: An existenital-­‐humanistic approach to reading literature.
  • Ed Mendelowitz:  Imagology and the postmodern world.
  • Scott Churchill:  An introduction to phenomenological research in psychology: Historical, conceptual, and methodologcial foundations


… and more.

Schneider has additionally been named the President Elect of Division 32 of the American Psychological Association.   Saybrook faculty member Nathaniel Granger was elected as the Division’s secretary.


And that’s just the beginning.

Nancy Southern the chair of Saybrook’s school of Organizational Leadership and Tralsformation (LOT) delivered a presentation on Cultural Encounters as a Gateway to Transformative Learning at the International and Interdiscplinary Conference on Culture, Values, and Justice at the University of Vassa, Finland, May 22, 2014.

Dr. Southern also traveled to Osaka, Japan in July to teach at Osaka Prefecture University.  She delivered a lecture entitled Leadership for the 21st Century and a doctoral seminar entitled Developing Leaders for Organizational Transformation.  Saybrook is supporting OPU in the development of their new doctoral program in Systems Inspired Leadership for the Materials Sciences. 

OLT faculty member Dennis Jaffee has several recent projects:


  • He is working with the Family Business Network, a global network of business families on what they call their Polaris Initiative, which includes member business families signing a Sustainability Pledge, and then taking steps in their family, and in their business, to create a set of initiatives to foster sustainability in the areas of community, people, the environment and future generations.
  • He has just completed a cover article for the international magazine Tharawat, on the role of millennials in global family business, and how to hold a cross-generational conversation.
  • He gave a keynote speech in Shanghai at a panel of families talking about their social enterprise projects
  • He is completing a research project on next generational family business in Asia, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase


OLT faculty member Gary Metcalf and Dr. Teresa Daniel presented a paper in June, at the 9th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment in Milan, titled "Taming the beast: how American corporations unwittingly conspire to make bullying a rational choice.”  

Alan Vaughan, the director of Saybrook’s Jungian Studies Program, recently presented at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco on “Cross Cultural Currents: The African Diaspora and Western Psychotherapy.”  He also has an interview with legendary Jungian scholar James Hollis (who founded Saybrook’s Jungian Studies program) in the in the summer 2014 Jung Journal of Culture and Psyche

Psychology faculty member Benina Gould presented at the International Society of Political Psychology meetings in Rome, Italy, on “Beyond Tolerance: The Student Religion/Pluralism Survey,” after completing the research in West Germany.

OTL faculty member Marvin brown recently published a workbook, Learning through Disagreement (Broadview Press). (

Kent Becker, the new director of Saybrook’s MFT/PCCC program co-authored “Photovoice: Conducting community-based participatory research in mental health,” for the Journal of Creativity in Mental Health. 9(2), 188-209.

Creativity Studies faculty member Carol Barrett presented a paper called Poet Healer/Poet Warrior, at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness,  inPortland, Oregon. 

Creativity Studies director Steven Pritzker and faculty member Ruth Richard wrote the introduction to Danny Wedding and Ryan Niemac’s 4th edition of Movies and Mental Illness (Hogrefe). 

Pritzker also gave a guest lecture on “Understanding Creativity” to media students at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, in Phnom Penh.

Psychology faculty member Linda Riebel’s latest book Irene Dalis: Diva, Impresaria, Legend was launched on June 8 at the headquarters of Opera San Jose. The book recounts the career of an internationally celebrated mezzo-soprano and the opera company she created in her home town after retiring from the Metropolitan Opera.

Psychology faculty member Louis Hoffman published a chapter entitled “The therapists use of poetry in therapy: Deepening relationship and understanding through creativity,” in the collection Unearthing the moment: Mindful applications of existential-­‐humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy (Tonglen Press)

Hoffman also wrote “The implications of the never-­‐ending pursuit of more. [Review of Human Happiness and the Pursuit of Maximization: Is More Always Better],” in PsyCRITIQUES, along with Saybrook student Monica Mansilla.

Hoffman and faculty member Mark Yang recently gave a 7-day training in Beijing, China that is a certificate program in Humanistic Psychology co-sponsored by the China Institute of Psychotherapy and the Zhi Mian International Institute of Existential-Humanistic Psychology. 

Meanwhile Yang gave the keynote address at the Third International Conference on Existential Psychology, held in Guangzhou, China, this June.  The topic was “Filial piety and love.”

Yang also published the chapter “Existential and spiritual themes in disaster relief work” In Unearthing the moment: Mindful applications of existential-­‐humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy (Tonglen Press).

Student Xuefu Want also attended the Third International Conference on Existential Psychology, and gave a keynote address on “Basic concepts of zhi mian psychology.” 

Student Monica Mansilla was there as well, presenting on “An 8-week Therapeutic Group for Students.” 

Student Veronica Lac presented there on “Culture as body process.”  Alumnus Roger Bromme’s presentation was called “Phenomenological Psychology Of Surviving A Collapse: The Firefighter’s Lived-Experience Of Self-Rescue. “

Alumna Makenna Berry Newton wrote the chapter “A yearning for home, a yearning for self: The existential-­‐humanistic therapeutic approach to working with families in the crisis of poverty and homelessness.,” in Unearthing the moment: Mindful applications of existential-­‐humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy (Tonglen Press).

Finally, faculty member Nathaniel Granger gave a featured presentation at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness, and Community (MOSAIC) and LGBT Graduate Recognition Ceremony.

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