Read an excerpt from Unstuck! - Dr. James Gordon's guide to dealing with depression

Dr. James Gordon, Dean of Saybrook University's Graduate College of Mind-Body Medicine, has an excerpt from his book Unstuck:  Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression featured at the Wellness Times. 

Unstuck! deals with ways to understand depression, and how to address it, that go beyond taking pills.   

“Drugs just address the symptoms, and they should be seen as a last resort rather than a first choice," Dr. Gordon says.  "When we experience the signs and symptoms of depression, it’s not the end point of a disease process, it’s a wake-up call that change is necessary, and we need to move on a healing journey.  We have to take a step back and look at the reasons why we’re depressed, we have to look at how we’ve gotten out of balance, and what the causes are." 

The short chapter featured at Wellness Times focuses on the people you don't want listen to when your depressed -- the "false guides" who will give you the worst advice you can get at a vulnerable time. 

Read the excerpt here

You can also read an interview with Dr. Gordon about Unstuck, and about the way Mind-Body Medicine is changing clinical care, that goes into greater detail.


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