Saybrook becomes first university to sign petition against planned changes for the DSM-5

Saybrook faculty and administration have voted to endorse the Society for Humanistic Psychology's Open Letter to the DSM-5 committee.

Saybrook is the first university to sign the petition in support of this letter.

The Society for Humanistic Psychology’s letter recognizes and honors the complexity of the human condition, while advocating for the human right to not be unnecessarily pathologized.

We are deeply appreciative of the work the Society for Humanistic Psychology has done for this cause, and are heartened by the many voices joining in by signing the petition. We are also pleased to see many students, faculty, and administrators of Saybrook University have already signed the petition.

Saybrook Faculty have been instrumental in the development and organization of the petition. The president-elect of the Society for Humanistic Psychology is Saybrook faculty member Louis Hoffman;  Saybrook’s PsyD program director, Shawn Rubin, sits on the SHP board;  and David Elkins, the current president of the SHP, is a founding member of The New Existentialists, a Saybrook organized movement in existential-humanistic psychology.

Posted at 12:54 PM

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