Saybrook University Makes Strong Showing at APA Conference


Despite its small size, Saybrook University made an outsize impression though faculty, student and alumni research at the American Psychological Association conference.

The 120th annual conference, held from August 2nd to 5th, in Orlando, Fla., featured internationally known presenters on topics and research currently attracting attention in the field, covering issues such as immigration, racism, eating disorders, clinical practice, social networking and psychotherapy.

Saybrook faculty, alumni, and students presented on such wide-ranging topics as the practice of existential psychology there, the future of positive psychology, the basics of hypnosis and self-hypnosis and how the creative process can promote healing and growth.

Saybrook recently sponsored the Second International Conference on Existential Psychology in Shanghai, China, which was attended by over 400 scholars from around the world - and Saybrook's work in China was featured in three different presentations at the APA convention.

Shawn Rubin, PsyD, co-chair of the Department of Clinical Psychology, took part in a live supervisory session, teaching evidence-based psychotherapy with experiential supervision, and also organized a panel on the topic, ‘Evidence in Support of Existential-Humanistic Psychology–Revitalizing the "Third Force."’ He called Saybrook’s presence at the conference ‘unparalled,’ noting that “faculty members, students, and alumni were present at all levels of APA activity and divisional governance. Saybrook affiliates chaired panels, presented papers and posters, participated in Divisional meetings as Executive Board Members (including Steven Pritzker and Louis Hoffman as Presidents of Divisions 10- Creativity and 32- Humanistic Psychology, respectively), attended high-level talks with the APA Committee that is crafting the Treatment Guidelines, and received Divisional Awards (Dana Klinsanin from the Media Division).”

Additionally, 43 Saybrook faculty, alumni, students, staff, and friends attended the Annual Saybrook APA dinner, where Dr. Stanley Krippner was feted by representatives from administration, faculty, and alumni in recognition of his 40th year at Saybrook and celebrating his 80th birthday.



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