Welcome to the Global Workplace: Saybrook Offers New MA in Management

Every business in the 21st century is becoming a global business: customers, supply chains, raw materials, and marketing are all part of an emerging world market of unprecedented complexity.

Companies need managers who can work with teams and cultures from across the world. These managers must be able to organize people and processes with equal fluency and bring out the best in diverse teams of people who may never meet face-to-face

Saybrook’s School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation is now offering an  MA in Management, specializing in Global Workforce Collaboration (pending WASC approval).  As both international businesses and non-profit organizations deal with rapid change in multiple countries and cultures at once, managers who understand how to integrate virtual teams with on-site offices across the world are highly prized.  

“Saybrook's new MAM program is a unique offering that brings our passion for systems thinking and transformative learning and change to the challenge of managing a global workforce,” said Nancy Southern, Chair of the School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation. “Many people are working in and leading global teams yet there are very few opportunities to learn how to excel in cross-cultural, complex environments. The competencies students will develop will open up a new world of possibilities for exciting and meaningful work.”  

Saybrook will begin enrolling its first class in the new MA for Fall 2014. Graduates of the program will enhance their ability to work with diverse populations, macro-economic trends, rapid technological changes, and the many other complex challenges that globalization poses to modern institutions,  helping them take their  work to the next level – wherever in the world they  choose to go.

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Nancy, this is exciting! This is the new reality- a greater awareness, appreciation, recognition, and acceptance of diversity from a broader lens.

I look forward to seeing what the curriculum will look like. More and more the integrative nature of the materials of my last five courses are converging in a way that I was seeing. There is a wisdom awaiting those who are willing be appreciative learners who willingly embrace the unknown and their level of consciousness of that and journey forward co - creatively.R

Posted by Khwezi (not verified) | 03/10/2014 @ 04:20 PM