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Saybrook University is proud to announce that it has moved across the San Francisco Bay, establishing its new headquarters in Oakland, Caifornia, a city of art, activism, and abiding concern for social justice.

While long headquartered in San Francisco, and identifying itself with the city’s counter-culture, the tech boom of the last few years has significantly changed both San Francisco’s economy and culture.  Saybrook officials determined, during review of the University’s lease, that significant funding could be saved by moving into what they saw as a superior space in Oakland – while Oakland’s culture was in many ways more in tune with a university that believes that developing and investing in people is more vital than pursuing the next technology.

“By situating ourselves in the heart of Oakland, we have the opportunity to be both observer and dynamic participant in its renaissance,” said incoming Saybrook president Nathan Long. “Given our current national imprint, my hope is that we also connect our mission and focus to being an integral part in the intellectual and cultural life of Oakland, California as well as the entire Bay area.”

Saybrook’s new office is located in the heart of Oakland’s downtown, at the Oakland Civic Center area, just off Frank Ogawa Plaza – a public space named after a civil rights leader who was the city’s councilman of Japanese descent.  We are also just nine blocks away from a growing arts district, and around the corner from the historic Oakland Tribune building.

We are thrilled to be here.

Our new address is:

Saybrook University
475 14th Street,
9th Floor
Oakland, CA

Residential Conferences and other in-person coursework are be impacted by the move, although the new offices include additional space for meetings and classes, which we hope can be utilized in the future to offer additional educational opportunities to students and members of the Oakland community.

Members of Saybrook's community are always welcome to come visit.


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