Login Help

Saybrook University uses the same login credentials to access many of its online resources. This means you only need to remember one set of credentials to access our integrated web resources (see list below).

To insure your private information is protected please read the following information, remember to always logout and close your browser when leaving your computer.




mySaybrook: protected area of web site
MyLearning: Canvas - online classrooms
MyRecords: Student records and registration
Saybrook E-mail: username@saybrook.edu
MyLearning: Canvas - online classrooms



If you are inactive online, not clicking on links (typing, reading or scrolling is NOT considered active), for 45 minutes, you will see an auto logout warning message with the options to continue or logout. If you do not choose an option within 60 seconds you will automatically be logged out and your work will NOT be saved. This is necessary for security purposes. Please be mindful to save your work and do not leave the computer with incomplete or unsaved work. If you need to fill out a long form (i.e. an essay or discussion in Moodle or a CV on the web site) it is best to copy and paste from a text file saved on your hard drive.

Security Pratices
Protect your confidential information!

Be sure to LOGOUT and exit the browser when leaving your computer.

We encourage you to change your password on a regular basis. To change your password, please go to SMS and choose "Change Password" in the main menu.



Your Saybrook University login username and password is administered by the Service Desk. If you cannot remember your username and/or password, please contacting the Service Desk at 800.747.8367 or visit our Password Reset Self-Service Tool to reset your own password.



Access to Saybrook University's unified login will be blocked if you are placed on Administrative Hold due to outstanding tuition payment obligation

To Remove administrative hold settle your outstanding tuition balance contact the Student Accounts Office at tuition@saybrook.edu or 888.253.5100



If you are applying to Saybrook University and need to login to complete your online application use the Saybrook Application Portal


Our Mission

The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to maintain an accurate academic record for each student who enrolls at Saybrook University, and to provide timely, accurate, and responsive services to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Our services are provided in-person, by mail, electronically, through online computing systems, and a variety of notices and publications.

Student Support Contacts

San Francisco Programs and Mind-Body Medicine
Aaron Hiatt, Registrar ahiatt@saybrook.edu 510.593.2923
Jessie Hill, Academic Services Coordinator jhill@saybrook.edu 510.593.2924
Benjamin Platt, Academic Services Assistant bplatt@saybrook.edu 510.593.2925
Seattle Residential Programs
Julia Sondej jsondej@saybrook.edu 425.968.3413
Licensing & Clinical Placement Questions
Kristopher Lichtanski klichtanski@saybrook.edu