It matters that people have a way to use the latest findings in psychology beyond buying a pill for depression. It matters that people have a way of looking at their lives that lets them ask the big questions and determine how they want to live – and that this is supported by therapists and mental health professionals.

Meet the Existentialists

Amedeo Giorgi
Amedeo Giorgi

Amedeo Giorgi, PhD

Phenomenology, the study of the mind through its subjective experiences, I the cornerstone of every human being’s knowledge of the world – yet it is often left out of mainstream psychology. For decades, Amedeo Giorgi has been the leading researcher of phenomenology in the world, developing new approaches to using it in clinical settings and incorporating it as the bedrock of any honest psychological process. He founded both the phenomenology program at Duquense University and the Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, and has given guest presentations about phenomenological methods across the world. He is the author of over 100 articles on phenomenology and psychology, and was recently honored by the College of Medicine of the University of Orebro, Sweden, for “planting the seeds” of phenomenology in that country.

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