It matters that people have a way to use the latest findings in psychology beyond buying a pill for depression. It matters that people have a way of looking at their lives that lets them ask the big questions and determine how they want to live – and that this is supported by therapists and mental health professionals.

Meet the Existentialists

Photograph of Lisa Vallejos
Photograph of Lisa Vallejos

Lisa Vallejos, MA

Lisa Vallejos holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Regis University and is completing a PhD in Psychology at Saybrook University.  Her journey has been one of triumphs and tragedies, each leading to the leader Lisa has become today.  Lisa has not merely learned the principles she now advocates from  textbooks; she has lived them (many times in the school of hard knocks!).  Her deep compassion and care for humanity is shown not only in her work as a therapist and educator, but also with her advocacy in the community with organizations such as Gabriel's Gift, Donor Alliance and The Children's Hospital of Colorado.  Lisa is a licensed professional counselor in Colorado and works in private practice. 

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