I was always very helpful and

I was always very helpful and philosophical with regards to helping others. My father passed just over 8 months ago, then my grandfather 2 months ago & my nephew was born prematurely at 26 weeks, 2 weeks after my grandfather passed. My nephew is currently very ill and his long term health does not look good currently.

This year has brought me closer to my wife, however, I have developed a very focused and selfish philosophy. I resigned from my job and decided I wanted more from life. I sat with my father and watched him suffer until his final passing from a brain tumour. I am not religious and I do subscribe to the european existential values.

My point is that the individual can be rudely awakened by life circumstances and then choose to live life in a more focused, selfish or narcissistic way. Once you see the horror of real life there is no going back.


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