It matters that people have a way to use the latest findings in psychology beyond buying a pill for depression. It matters that people have a way of looking at their lives that lets them ask the big questions and determine how they want to live – and that this is supported by therapists and mental health professionals.


Response to Allan Kazdin interview - by Eugene Taylor

Author: Eugene Taylor

In September of 2011 Time Magazine interviewed outspoken cognitive therapist Allan Kazdin, a former President of the American Psychological Association.  In the interview, Kazdin calls for the end of individualized treatments in psychotherapy -- even if people want them -- in favor of standarized treatments. 

New Existentialist Eugene Taylor wrote a response, noting that Kazdin misunderstands both the history of psychotherapy and its practice.  "His attitude is that only those who are in control of the system know what is best for you and can cure you," Taylor writes.  "Our position as Existential-Humanisic psychologists is that you cannot cure a broken heart with a paper-and-pencil test."


Read the whole paper here. 

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