It matters that people have a way to use the latest findings in psychology beyond buying a pill for depression. It matters that people have a way of looking at their lives that lets them ask the big questions and determine how they want to live – and that this is supported by therapists and mental health professionals.

Jason Dias

Meet the Existentialists

Jason Dias
Jason Dias

Jason Dias, PsyD

Jason Dias is a university professor residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He has worked for over a decade with adults with developmental disabilities, people experiencing severe states, and people experiencing both conditions at once, as well as with sex offenders. 

He is a co-founder of the Zhi Mian International Institute of Existential-Humanistic Psychology, whose mission is to provide basic counseling skills to students of psychotherapy in China.  More information on this project can be found at  

His self-published book of parables, Paintings in Sand, can be found on at

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