HI Jerry

Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience managing through change; you made some interesting comments along the way. This particular portion of the organization was not affected by the fiscal crisis that other parts of the organization experienced so the new leader has the luxury of integrating reflectively. I did note and put the challenge before the staff to play their part in ensuring this 'keeper' stays as they had noted they had contributed in part to the revolving door of leaders. I believe you are right in noting the rotating leadership can be also attributed to poor selection and lack of support by those higher up the proverbial ladder. I concur that your change agent or catalyst is not necessarily the system stabilizer. Regarding your own experience I think you may be slightly harsh on yourself. Life does not come with an infallible 'how to' manual nor does managing people. My perspective is the first time something occurs it is a learning opportunity. If you allow it to occur a second time, then one has made a mistake.However if one never makes a mistake, is one daring, risking, living?



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