Every organization is really

Every organization is really at least two organizations: 1) the offical legal organization; 2) the one that does the work. The official organization is the necessary corporate form with a charter, licenses, permits, officers, board, etc. Even a gonzo tech startup has to have this. The organization that does the work is what Dennis seems to be talking about here in reminiscing about this store-front program of 40 years ago.

What I notice is the convergence between the two forms as a business matures. In the beginning, the corporate legal form and the get-it-done form can be far apart and necessarily so. Over time, they may converge to where there is little difference and you go talk to the VP of New Product Development to find out what is happening versus the six 20-somethings around a table at Starbucks pecking away at their Droids.

Guess which form is more fun to work in? The challenge is resurrect the get-it-done form within the legal form, never easy. The legal form gives funding and protection; the get-it-done form gives life, the libido that drives innovation.


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