MA, PhD Degrees in Human Science 

Pursue professional advancement in a broad range of occupations and organizations with a masters or doctoral degree in human science. It's the degree of choice if your interests are broad, you are intrigued by interdisciplinary approaches, or wish investigate issues from multiple cultural perspectives.

Through cross-cultural studies, you will also have an opportunity to discover how people in diverse cultures grow to become their better selves.

With an MA, PhD in Human Science, you'll develop skills in qualitative methods of inquiry, such as phenomenology, narrative research, and auto-ethnography, and develop a deeper understanding of the human experience. You will use your insights to explore how individuals and societies develop beliefs, and study how people change their social structures.

Gail Ervin

Our graduates work in a variety of settings, including schools and universities, community health centers, occupational therapy centers, government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs); business, youth development, community service organizations, media, criminal justice, social entrepreneurship, community organizing, and public policy research.

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