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Madness and Beauty in the Heart of Darkness

Photo by EconomicForum. Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through. It is potential liberation and renewal as well as enslavement and existential death.       –R. D. Laing I begin this writing shortly after learning of the unexpected death of John Forbes Nash, Jr. and his wife, Alicia. John Nash… Read more »

Help for Nepal

Photo by John Creveling. With modern technology and communication systems, we are bombarded 24/7 with images of tragedies and disasters. Some people I know refuse to watch the news because “real time” footage of natural disasters, wars, and people struggling to survive is too much to “take in.” They believe it is harmful to their… Read more »

Empathy Will Save the World

Photo by Julio Nohara. Dostoevsky said that “beauty will save the world,” and I agree with him, although personally my declaration is “empathy will save the world,” for there is nothing more beautiful than true empathy. Empathy is the most powerful force for interpersonal healing and growth within our human existence. It is stronger than… Read more »

The Suicide Problem

Photo by Jesus Solana. Agency power withdrawal. Americans are increasingly enraptured with the right to die movement. Kevorkian did his time for assisting suicides, and we overwhelmingly think his actions were righteous. More recently, a brain cancer patient elected suicide after her wedding. That term, no fewer than a dozen of my students did tearful… Read more »

Existential Roundup

Watts 1965. Photo by New York World-Telegram. Welcome to the Existential Roundup, where we bring you links to some articles currently trending that may be of interest to those in the existential-humanistic psychology community. This week we will examine the dynamics of social unrest, the factors that contribute to it, and the solutions some governments… Read more »