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Learning to Live With Ambiguity

Photo by Shayan Sanyal. Writing in the Pacific Standard, Jerry Adler suggests that research psychology—like most branches of experimental science right now—is facing a crisis. Poorly proofed journals, unreproducible results, questionable statistical models … It leads him to ask the headlining question: “Can Social Scientists Save Themselves?” Or will reformation need to come from the… Read more »

Blaming the Victim

Photo from Seattle Municipal Archives. I am in an abusive relationship. It’s hard to spot. Nobody in my house is hitting anybody or neglecting anyone, or shouting, insulting, degrading. In fact, the abusive relationship does not involve my family at all, except as codependents. What I’m addicted to is money, and my family can’t live… Read more »

The Paradox of Servant Leadership in the Classroom and Therapy Office

Photo by KUHT. I loved Mr. Rogers as a kid—that avuncular, kindly, gently humorous man who could instill in me a desire to learn and become involved in civic endeavors better than any of my childhood teachers could. Now, with Fred Rogers shining in my memory, I work as a professor and a therapist. In… Read more »

Opening to Heartfulness: Gratitude and the Sacred

Last year, I was teaching a section of Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy and discussing with my students the topic of mysticism and personal experiences of the “sacred,” which I loosely define as that which is associated with authentic perception of beauty, feelings of awe, and the dawning of wordless profound wisdom that enriches our lives. Trusting that… Read more »

Dear Hollywoodãor How To Pick A University

Birdman. Michael Keaton, some other people you might have heard of. The trailers make it look really interesting, the story of a washed-up superhero who was never more than second-rate being dragged out of retirement by popular demand. That could be funny. Only that has nothing whatsoever with the movie. It’s really about a washed-up… Read more »

Doctoring Lessons

Last night, I taught my first ever psychology/sociology class to MCAT students. As many of you probably do not know, the MCAT—the Medical College Admissions Test—is adding for 2015 a brand new content section on psychology and sociology in which they expect incoming medical students to have taken at least one semester of introductory psychology… Read more »

Why Do You Care What The Pope Thinks?

Photo by Alfredo Borba. I mean, you aren’t Catholic, so why do you share the little articles about what the Pope says? Benedict seems to have been more conservative. He didn’t do a great deal about systematic abuse in the church, didn’t have anything to say about same-sex romances, had a hard, traditional line on… Read more »