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‘Visions of Warriors’ brings attention to ongoing PTSD concerns for veterans

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reportedly affects approximately 7.7 million American adults, with members of the military as one of the high-risk groups. After experiencing severe trauma or life-threatening events, the mind and body will either go into mobilization mode (fight-or-flight) or immobilization. When the nervous system is unable to return to its normal state of… Read more »

Saybrook University: Be ready for change

Recently, we asked several of our students, alumni, and faculty what Saybrook University means to them. Their answers were striking. What quickly emerged from our conversations was that Saybrook was an experience more than an education. Everyone we spoke to pointed to the transformation that they experienced at Saybrook University, and how that transformation has… Read more »

Saybrook Represented at the 2012 International Studies Association Annual Convention

Transformative Social Change MA graduate, Angel Ryono, and current Human Science doctoral candidate Rebecca Joy Norlander are each featured on panels at this year’s ISA conference, being held in San Diego from April 1st – 4th. The theme of this year’s convention is Power, Principles and Participation in the Global Information Age. Ms. Ryono will… Read more »