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Fearless Compassion

Photo by Dirk Vorderstraße. A friend of mine recently started taking horseback riding lessons. I love watching her ride and seeing the unadulterated joy radiate from her when she is in the saddle. I recognize that feeling of exhilaration and freedom that comes from being atop a 1,000-pound animal, and the sense of wonder that… Read more »

If Only More White People Were Black

Photo by Kurt Löwenstein Educational Center. Muzafer Sherif in the 1950s and again in the1960s demonstrated that contact is the cure for bigotry. He introduced artificial bigotry between two groups of boys by segregating them and having them compete against one another; he then erased the bigotry by having them work together to solve a… Read more »

Finding My Tribe to Recreate Home

At the recent Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference in Chicago, Theopia Jackson’s keynote speech challenged the Humanistic Psychology community to wake up to the realities of their privileges. It was a heartfelt plea to honor not only the multiculturalism and diversity of the clients that we serve, but also within the community itself, and to… Read more »

Existential Roundup

A synagogue burning on Kristallnacht, 1938. Welcome to the Existential Roundup, where we bring you links to some articles currently trending that may be of interest to those in the existential-humanistic psychology community. Anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head in Europe again, and it is reaching levels that parallel to 1930’s Europe. The reasons may… Read more »

Using Poetry to Change Diversity Dialogues

For years multiculturalism and diversity has been a passion of mine. As a person of privilege, I have experienced the resistance to multiculturalism and diversity in myself and others, and have become deeply interested in the process of helping people acknowledge and overcome their prejudices and racism. Part of the challenge is that there is… Read more »

Never Bring Up Anything You Can’t Put Back Down

Walt Disney Pictures Never bring up anything you can’t put back down. –H. P. Lovecraft The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was, at one time, an animated chapter of the Disney film, Fantasia. Volumes have been written about the possible underground, unconscious meanings of the segment. As a reminder, Mickey Mouse, the titular character, uses magic to accomplish… Read more »

Quiet Voices of Change

No doubt, countless articles have already been written in the aftermath of the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown. No doubt, there are polarized opinions on whether this was the “right” decision. No doubt, the people of Ferguson are reeling from the impact of this decision. And soon, if… Read more »