Sierra Women’s Club, which includes Lucinda Rost, has business and community leaders of diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds all united with a dedication to community improvement through volunteer service.

Scholarship winner proves #ChangingLivesMatter

Lucinda Rost, a Saybrook student and winner of an American College of Nutrition Scholarship, wants
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How do we make consuming energy more of a priority for people worldwide?

How energy consumption changes societal needs

Jimmy Jia, the CEO of Distributed Energy Management, examines how to make consuming energy—even with
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Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback therapy: A natural cure for tension and migraine headaches

Numerous controlled studies show that biofeedback is highly effective for tension and migraine headaches.
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Helping youth

‘Child of apartheid’ and Saybrook alumna influencing South African education

Carolyn Burns is using the privileges she had during apartheid to help those who were
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masters in management

4 reasons a master’s in management prepares you for business in the future

As businesses evolve in an effort to adapt in the 21st century, management will evolve.
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How is your physical and your emotional condition today?

Importance of ‘checking in’ after silent meditation

In Part 3 of her series, Saybrook alumna Dr. Tamami Shirai discusses her experiences with group meditation.
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Saybrook graduation

Leadership Eastside’s CEO James Whitfield addresses Saybrook grads

Keynote graduation speaker James Whitfield encourages graduates to “make America greater than it’s ever been.”
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Saybrook adjunct connects MLK’s influence to psychology, other APA Convention events

Saybrook University’s contributions to the field of psychology was evident at the APA Convention.
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Immigration in Contexts

Video recap: Experiencing humanity

Witness inspiring video recapping a 10-day visit to Berlin for the "Immigration in Contexts" course.
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