Saybrook student, veteran receives donation to positively impact veterans’ lives

Richard Hutchinson, Saybrook Ph.D. candidate, received a donation to give veterans access to guitars and
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Praying Soldier

From Armistice Day to Veteran’s Day – And Back Again

For the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice of 1918, we reflect on peace and
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Saybrook Global Grants recipients announced

Three Saybrook University faculty members, in partnership with TCS Education System, were awarded Global Grants
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Mass incarceration

Removing the masks of mass incarceration

A Saybrook Presidential Fellow and alumnus are teaming up to explore the collective traumas associated
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Revered Saybrook alumnus passes away, leaves lasting impact

Royal Alsup, Ph.D., Saybrook alumnus and adjunct faculty member, passes away, teaching many the importance
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Saybrook Blog

Alternative treatment options for chronic stress, inflammation, anxiety, and more  

Saybrook alumna Carolyn Trasko shares how her research and work has also become a journey
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A bite to eat

Learning to actually ‘live’ before I die

Dr. Grojean tells the story of a breakdown before finding her true self.
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Yoga group

Connecting guided imagery and motivational interviewing in meditation class

In Part 4 of her series, Saybrook alumna Dr. Tamami Shirai discusses guided imagery.
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With age comes wisdom

Successfully embracing growing older and wiser

This is why human behavior and the growing population of senior citizens is so significant.
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