Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback therapy: A natural cure ...

Numerous controlled studies show that biofeedback is highly effective for tension and migraine headaches.
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How is your physical and your emotional condition today?

Importance of ‘checking in’ after si...

In Part 3 of her series, Saybrook alumna Dr. Tamami Shirai discusses her experiences with group meditation.
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Saybrook graduation

Leadership Eastside’s CEO James Whit...

Keynote graduation speaker James Whitfield encourages graduates to “make America greater than it’s ever been.”
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Saybrook adjunct connects MLK’s infl...

Saybrook University’s contributions to the field of psychology was evident at the APA Convention.
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Immigration in Contexts

Video recap: Experiencing humanity

Witness inspiring video recapping a 10-day visit to Berlin for the "Immigration in Contexts" course.
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Bjelland wants to help HSPs find their inner joy.

Calm, cool, collected: Saybrook alum...

Saybrook alumna Julie Bjelland’s initial interest in psychology stood on four legs.
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Green burials, home funerals: Closur...

Diana Johnson found inspiration for green burials and home funerals after meeting end-of-life doulas.
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Using memories for mental health

Connecting ancestral healing and psy...

Dr. Foor's book "Ancestral Healing: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing" explores blood lineage connection.
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Why is it so normal to eat some animals and not others?

Saybrook psychologist questions the ...

Dr. Melanie Joy pondered what makes humans think it's normal to eat certain animals.
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