Administrative Directory

Saybrook University’s administrative team is here to support your education. Whether you need help signing up for a distance learning course or have questions about our continuing education program, we are here to assist you. Browse through our administrative directory below. For more information on how to enroll in a graduate education program at Saybrook, fill out a request form today.

Main Phone Number: 510.593.2900


Nathan Long, Ed.D President 510.593.2910 [email protected]
Carol Humphreys, Ph.D Provost & Vice President of Academics Affairs, Chief Academic Officer (CAO) 510.593.2920 [email protected]
Elizabeth O’Brien, M.A. Vice President for Enrollment Management & Chief Enrollment Officer (CEnO) 510.593.2930 [email protected]
Nami Kim, Ph.D Assistant Provost 510.593.2921 [email protected]
Dan Leahy, M.A. Director of Saybrook Seattle Campus 425.278.9319 [email protected]
Connie Shulman Director of Operations (Human Resources) 425.278.9317 [email protected]
Rachel Napolin, M.A. Director  of Academic Affairs 510.593.2977 [email protected]
Julia Sondej, M.A. Director for Student Success & Chief Student Affairs Officer (CSAO) 425.278.9313 [email protected]
C.J. Krebs Student Affairs Coordinator 425.278.9346 [email protected]
LaTanya Hicks Executive Assistant 510.593.2991 [email protected]
Connor Chamberlain Associate Director of Admissions 510.593.2931 [email protected]
Thomas Champion Registrar 510.593.2923 [email protected]
Joseph Strouth Assistant Registrar 510.593.2925 [email protected]
Bob Flax, Ph.D. Co-Director, Office of Research [email protected]
Kara Vander Linden, Ed.D Co-Director, Office of Research [email protected]
Heather Miller, Ph.D.  Director of Saybrook IRB [email protected]
Kristopher Lichtanski, Ph.D. Director of Clinical Training 510.593.2939 [email protected]
Noah Lowenstein, M.L.I.S Librarian 425.278.9318 [email protected]
Bob Brown  Online Teaching & Learning Support [email protected]
Alex Saltzberg  IT Manager 510.593.2995 [email protected]
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.  Chair of Consciousness [email protected]
Steve Hart  Assistant to Dr. Stanley Krippner 510.593.2978 [email protected]

 College of Social Sciences (CSS)

Kent Becker, Ed.D, L.P.C, L.M.F.T. Dean  College of Social Sciences [email protected]
Charles Piazza, Ph.D. Program Director Department of Leadership & Management [email protected]
Jennifer Preston, Ph.D. Program Director Department of Counseling [email protected]
Theopia Jackson, Ph.D. Program Director Department of Humanistic & Clinical Psychology [email protected]
Marina Smirnova, Ph.D. Assistant Program Director Department of Humanistic & Clinical Psychology [email protected]
Joel Federman, Ph.D. Program Director Department of Transformative Social Change [email protected]

College of Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences (CIMHS)

Donald Moss, Ph.D. Dean, Program Director CIMHS, Department of Mind-Body Medicine 616.842.1277 [email protected]
Jeannemarie Beiseigel, Ph.D. Program Director Department of Integrative & Functional Nutrition 616.842.1277 [email protected]



Admissions 800.825.4480 [email protected]
Financial Aid 888.253.5100 [email protected]
Student Accounts 888.253.5100 [email protected]