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Even when they’re wrong, they’re right.

Faculty Dr. Linda Riebel discusses why we must understand the dangers of the "self-sealing doctrine" in religion and politics ...
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Rather be certain than right?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. agreed with psychologists that “maladjustment” should be followed daily.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., preached that we must be maladjusted to bigotry and racism. What does that mean today? ...
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Justifiably Maladjusted

Spiritual Intelligence

Balancing emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, and traditional intelligence can be a recipe for stability ...
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Spiritually Speaking

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How energy consumption changes societal needs

Blog, Creativity & Innovation
Jimmy Jia, the CEO of Distributed Energy Management, examines how to make consuming energy—even with higher prices—more of a priority for people worldwide. “Well, that is a nice trick to improve the efficiency of solar panels. Sadly, it won’t be of any use unless we stop increasing overall energy consumption of society.” This caught my attention as I was sitting in my research lab’s weekly group meeting. I was a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering, and a lab mate just presented some unexpected and interesting results. For most of the meeting, my professor and the student discussed the