Board of Trustees


Ava Baker, M.S. President AJ Waters, LLC
Laura M. Burgis, PhD., O.P. President Human Values Center
Steve Cohen, J.D. Founder Cohen Law Group
Bradley Fisher, M.B.A. CEO Featherstone Holdings, LLC
Michael Horowitz, PhD President TCS Education System
Rochelle Kopp, M.B.A. Managing Principal Japan Intercultural Consulting
Renee Levi, Ph.D. Principal Resonance Consulting
Vadim D. Levitin, M.D., M.Sc. President Sollero, LLC
Nathan Long, Ed.D. (ex-officio) President Saybrook University
Todd MacDonald, M.A. Chief Contrarian bMergent Partners
Colleen McEdwards, PhD Professor, Mass Communications University of Florida Online
Ruthann Russo, PhD, JD, MPH, CIHA, Lac Managing Director Berkeley Research Group
Daniel Sieberg, M.J., B.F.A Eco-System Growth Lead, Co-Founder Civil
Mark Skrade, Psy.D., Chair Chief Executive Officer Biogenesis Oil & Gas Services