Critically appraising the strengths of research, conducting risk-benefit analysis, and evaluating ethical considerations, students will examine various topics in functional nutrition, including:

  • Nutrition-focused physical examinations
  • Integrative and functional nutrition therapeutics
  • Laboratory assessment for integrative and functional nutrition
  • Nutritional perspectives from Ayurvedic medicine
  • The digestive system
  • Coaching for health and wellness
  • Dietary and nutritional coaching
  • Foundations of integrative and functional nutrition

Graduates will be able to apply a critical inquiry framework to evaluate the medical models for best practices, scope of practice, legal and regulatory perspectives, and bioethics of applying integrative and functional nutrition in practice. Expanding on their existing practice or branching out into new fields, those who complete this program will be able to integrate nutrition into health care, coaching, consultation, and therapy as well as many other areas.

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