Counseling Programs

M.A. Counseling

Important Note Regarding Licensure

M.A. Counseling, Seattle Campus

The M.A. Counseling, Seattle program is aligned with the degree and coursework requirements to be eligible for the licensure as a Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington. Candidates for licensure must meet all other state-specific requirements including passage of a National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) exam, post-master’s supervised experience, and completion of the application process, which includes fees and/or background check.  For further information about licensure, please visit the Washington Department of Health.

It is the student’s responsibility to determine the licensure requirements outside of Washington.  The MA Counseling, Seattle program may meet some or all of the requirements for other states, but additional state-specific approvals or coursework and/or practicum hours may be required beyond the MA Counseling, Seattle program’s graduation requirements.  Licensing requirements include the following for most states: completion of a master’s degree (including specific coursework and clinical field placement), post-graduate supervised experience, examination, background check, and application for the license.  Students should contact the specific state licensing board directly to verify information regarding professional licensure.  A list of state board contact information is available via The American Counseling Association.

M.A. Counseling, Hybrid/Online

The M.A. in Counseling program complies with the requirements of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (sections 4980.37 and 4980.41 for Marriage and Family Therapy and sections 4999.32 and 4999.40(a) for Professional Clinical Counseling). As different states have different licensing requirements, faculty and work with students from the very beginning of their counseling degree to help them understand the license requirements in the state where they want to practice. Any course a student wishes to take to satisfy a licensing requirement in their state should be discussed with the Financial Aid Office prior to registering for the course. Saybrook does not have an on-site practicum/internship program. Students locate appropriate practicum and internships and supervision in their geographic area, working in conjunction with Saybrook’s faculty and the Director of Clinical Training.

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