Our Ph.D. Managing Organizational Systems: Humane Education Specialization is the result of a partnership with the Institute for Humane Education and Valparaiso University. Through the lens of education, this program examines the connections between four areas of social justice:

  • Environmental ethics
  • Animal protection
  • Human rights
  • Cultural change-making

Graduates will learn to create transformational change in educational settings by building global relevance and a systems-oriented approach into their work and educational outreach.

Focusing on social, economic, political, and structural change, graduates will be prepared to work as administrators, educators, and consultants—find successful careers in schools, universities, and government agencies. As humane educators, they are able to apply principles of creative and critical thinking, civic engagement, and informed decision-making across disciplines, at all levels of education.

More program information can be found in our academic catalog.

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