Supporting the development of capacities for employment positions in a variety of organizations, the M.A. Transformative Social Change program utilizes a global, multidisciplinary approach to addressing the world’s conflicts, including:

  • Threats to human rights
  • Social justice and inequality
  • Global climate change
  • Violence and militarization
  • Destruction of the commons
  • Societal isolation and hopelessness

Transformative social change builds on the emerging and growing traditions of the scholar-practitioner and the scholar-activist. The master’s degree in Transformative Change will prepare students to respond to current global, social, cultural, and political challenges—creating transformative changes in society that are guided by humanistic values.

Learning is enhanced by direct engagement and the quality of social action benefits from deep reflection upon values and goals. Graduates of this master’s program will be able to apply these understandings to work with major foundations, the United Nations, universities, and other nonprofit organizations. In addition, graduates of the M.A. Transformative Change program may choose to move into the Ph.D. program where they can prepare to develop social and public policy analyses in their respective interest areas.

M.A. Transformative Social Change Specializations

M.A. Transformative Social Change: Social Impact Media Specialization

M.A. Transformative Social Change: Peace and Justice Studies Specialization

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