The Ph.D. Transformative Social Change program focuses on preparing graduates to possess the skills to become successful policy advocates and leaders in nonprofit organizations—focusing on human rights, community building, peace, the environment, and social justice. Guided by faculty with years of research and advocacy experience, students will learn how to:

  • Design environments and processes that support participation, democratic, and collaboration
  • Design strategies that will lead to social transformation
  • Articulate global, multicultural, multi-generational, social, and environmental viewpoints
  • Appraise models of compassion and connectedness with the larger community

As reflective scholar-practitioners, graduates will have the opportunity to apply humanistic values to help create transformative change in society. The Ph.D. Transformative Social Change degree is considered a research degree, one in which the student becomes an expert in developing his or her own research to make new contributions to the field and to society.

In addition, graduates of this doctoral program will be prepared to work in organizations in a variety of roles, including program development, policy advocacy, public relations, program director, outreach, fieldwork, and faculty. Potential employers can include such organizations as Amnesty International USA, Sierra Club, Greenpeace Mediterranean, and the United Nations, as well as community-based organizations, focused on similar goals.

More program information can be found in our academic catalog.

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