Saybrook’s online M.S. in Psychophysiology Program is intended for people with undergraduate degrees who are seeking basic skills in psychophysiology and associated areas. The program is designed to prepare graduates for transition into Saybrook’s Applied Psychophysiology Doctoral Program.

Typical coursework in our online master’s program includes:

  • Foundations of Psychophysiology
  • Psychophysiological Recording, Assessment, and Intervention
  • Basic Hypnosis: Optimal Functioning
  • Basic Biofeedback
  • Basic Neurofeedback
  • Psychophysiological Research
  • Basic Bioscience

Because psychophysiological interventions and techniques are applicable across a broad range of careers, graduates of Saybrook University’s online psychophysiology degree program may have the opportunity to affect lives in fields and industries such as sports, education, business, and the military.

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